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Douglas Stirling Memorial Page

Travis & Doug Stirling

Travis & Doug Stirling

We have set up this page in memory of Douglas Stirling who supported the San Diego Autism Society especially Surf Camp! This organization was near and dear to his heart and has been supportive of his grandson, Travis through various events, but surf camp is his favorite. Surf Camp is a fun week at the beach and boy does Travis LOVE the ocean!

When you remember Douglas, remember the Autism Society of San Diego and support this Splash for Cash event. In lieu of flowers, please remember him by supporting Travis' effort to raise funds for Surf Camp!


raised of $1,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. DBDawn Brucia
2. KBKaren Bailey
3. RKRosemarie Kanusky
Cousins, my heart goes out to you.
4. SSkip Chasey
In memory of Doug lives on.
5. RERoderick Evans
6. nvNancy Vittozzi
Love you Uncle Doug