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Welcome to Shirley and Bruce Fett's Page

Shirley And Bruce Fett

Shirley and Bruce Fett

Thank you for visiting. Surf Camp is one of Brock and Derek's favorite weeks of the year. They have gone from splashing in the ocean when they first started to successfully surfing and boogie boarding. This program helps so many families. Thank you for donating to this worthy and impactful cause. Shirley and Bruce


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1. KFKira Finkenberg
2. HhHolly Heiserman
So happy to support!!!
3. SSilvia T
Love you guys, keep on surfing!
4. RRuss, Cindy & Miles
Surf on, Brock and Derek! Have fun!!!
5. GFGregory Fletcher
6. AAunt Carol & Uncle Gary
Enjoy surf camp Brock and Derek! Love you; Aunt Carol and Uncle Gary

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